Self Mastery – Level 2

Does life run on mathematical formulas? NO, but it does run on basic laws of life.

To discover these basics it may take same one’s life time, but through implementing specific & proven laws, life becomes easier & smooth journey & success becomes inevitable.

Self mastery is collection of all these effective laws which have been extracted from ancient times, explained in simple & in-comparable practical methods.

These laws are tried, tested, implemented and certified by thousands of individuals graduated from SELF-MASTERY.

We find many one-role wonders around us exceptional in one role (profession, business or personal) but when it comes to other roles, they are living below ordinary levels for example:

1. A person with very good communication in profession has problem with family members.

2. An individual earning crores but can’t enjoy his meal or because of stress and health issues.

3. A person with good heart but unable to grow financially

4. An exceptionally good father but unable to control anger or overcome bad habits

5. A responsible, visionary leader, but doesn’t have time to take care of health which can’t allow him to live longer.

6. A person who is a social icon, but doesn’t know about family members’ expectations or isolated in his own family.

7. A remarkable teacher but doesn’t know how to be a student.

8. A person who can get along with anyone, but he/she doesn’t express emotions with the life partner.

Are you one among these personalities? Do you recognize the need for change to live better?

Self mastery is an arrow which can pierce through all your personalities & make you a master of your life.

Become the best in all the roles you play and prove the possibilities of human life.

Accelerate Your Success and Popularity

This course is an advanced refining

1. Practical realities 11. Smile from heart/smiling heart(happiness & success)
2. Laws of life & desperation 12. Psychological adult.
3. Choice & Consequences 13. Automic energy inside (different energies) physical, psychological, spiritual.
4. Cause & effect 14. Expressions of love Gift, Touch, Time, Expression
5. What goes around comes around. 15. Science & spirituality (birth & existence, purpose of life)
6. Desire to deserve 16. Purpose of life
7. Master paln for life 17. Attach to detach
8. Expect only mangoes from mango tree 18. Parenting
9. Experience heaven alive 19. Self-image (Convictions, focus, confidence)
10. Flush your regrets & suppression 20. Visualization process

Session details

  • Group batch: 7+1 sessions (only 20 people per batch)
  • 2 sessions per week
  • 3 months glazer zone (growth sessions) free
  • 1 to 1 coaching – 2 months duration
  • Tele coaching – 2 months
  • mentoring-customized prefixed dates & time.