Self Mastery – Level 1

Self Mastery is self explanatory.

Before you find answer to all other questions do you know what is your strength? where did you get the strength from?

As a beautiful quotation says “everything in this world created twice ; once in the mind and once in the reality”

Do you have that perfect picture of yourself in your mind?

Master all the roles & personalities

From ages it’s shown/proved that there is need of guidance for someone to drive/direct intelligence.

It is important to know the thought which is directing our intelligence.

Earlier also people were successful but why today only financial success is considered the most?

Earlier also there were marriage & parenting. But, why there is reduced bondage or breakups in marriage relationships? are the love & respect have reduced or perceptions have changed or did we not pay attention to upgrade our beliefs? is world outside very bad? or its my assumption or is it imposed on me?

Will I ever be able to live peacefully and happily in this world?

Why do I feel negative & get negative thoughts?

AND the questions goes on

Are you not losing precious human life in searching answers to all these questions on your own?

Experience SELF MASTERY & re-discover yourself & find answers to all type questions make life beautiful & live every moment.

Accelerate Your Success and Popularity

1. Gratitude 9. Essence of human life.
2. Excellent, how many questions you have for yourself? 10. Letters, words, sentences, how good are they?
3. Procrastination 11. Shield your mind & subconscious.
4. Power of appreciation 12. Can you measure your fitness?
5. Comprehension ability 13. Do you really talk or communicate?
6. Secret of subconscious 14. Growth & values, linked together
7. Science of mind 15. Emotions-how effectively you manage them?
8. Found stones of life (maatha/pitha/guru/divam) 16. Is yourself a friend to you? or you have regrets?

Session details

  • Group batch: 7+1 sessions (only 20 people per batch)
  • 2 sessions per week
  • 3 months glazer zone (growth sessions) free
  • 1 to 1 coaching – 2 months duration
  • Tele coaching – 2 months
  • mentoring-customized prefixed dates & time.