Power of Silence

1. Have you ever created your life balance sheet?

2. Do you feel annoyed & chaotic when you get stuck in traffic or when your spouse demands time from you?

3. Have you given much-deserved pause and stop yourself for a while to ask, why am I like this?

4. Even after going to holy places like temple, church or mosque, are you still unable to experience the silence because mind is busy fighting thoughts attack?

5. Have you ever checked if your life is exactly like you planned or dreamt?

We all usually get busy chasing unknown thoughts and lose focus from our goals. Continuous influences of mind distract us from concentrating our energies.

Consumax has a unique approach to bring this flow of thoughts in control by practicing silence and this course will help you do it effectively.

Power of Silence is a full day program (12 hours or 24 hours) conducted in a remote place without any communication to outer world.

This course will help you to be with yourself, experience inner silence, allow you to review your own life as an outsider, make new plans and design your entire life.

Course schedule:

This course has no fixed dates, hence dates will be announced before the course is conducted.

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