Our Programs

We are an organization helping individuals, professionals, proprietors & organizations to make optimum utilization of skills, resources, opportunities and contribute to create prosperous environment.

In this journey, we have transformed thousands of lives through holistic development courses and we continue to develop awareness in every individual about core responsibilities of all the roles of life.

For Individuals:

Every human being lives with some common & basic expectations from life.

  • I want to be happy (personal life)
  • I want to keep my family happy and safe (Family life)
  • I want to be successful in what i do (professional life)
  • I want to be recognized for good deeds amongst the people (social life)

All these objectives can be achieved in a right way only through self-discovery and practicing right values. self-discovery requires awareness about Physical, Mental, Intellectual, Emotional & Spiritual personalities.

We help individuals to identify the true strengths and improvements of the personality and work to improve all of them.

For Business:

We help companies to set up system and departments for effective measurement of operations and growth in all the aspects of the business through customized courses conducted at the business premises.

Businesses are different from each other but all of them are run by Human beings. All human beings operate on basic principles.

Consumax Foundation:

We have come together and formed foundation and through this foundation we are spreading the awareness about moral values, right guidance for life and right values for happieness through various FREE programs.

Some of our FREE programs are:

  • Iccha Shakti
  • Tender and Young minds grow curious about various things during transforming as an adult and get exposed to good and bad things. it is an essential responsibility of everyone to guide them in the right path and make them strong and value based human beings within. This program is to empower school going children ( starting from 8th grade) & college students. Mainly for children in govt. schools & other unprivileged students.

  • Public Training Program
  • We frequently encounter individuals and businessmen who cannot channel their potential into productivity. We see such people struggling for their basic needs, the program is aimed at eliminating the problems empower such individuals to explore their inner belief.

  • Youth Training Program
  • The program is aimed at developing certain skill sets in the Youth that helps them suited for better career options. The program is aimed at grooming the personality of the youth so that they have a strong character that helps them achieve their goals.

  • Teen Glare Zone
  • This program is initiated by Consumax students and organized by them. This program's topics are designed to help children to understand the essence of life and cultivating strong foundation for life.

  • Women Glare Zone
  • An initiative aiming at enabling women to share life experiences, gain awareness in building the future of children and help others to live a better life through interactive sessions.