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Compromising is required in life or not?

We always DON'T compromise on things or situations where it is not required at all. For ex: We fight over watching favorite TV shows, eating favorite food & going to places which only we demand. BUT We COMPROMISE on biggest things in life like choosing right Career, good partner in Marriage and so on....there are things that you can't change forever and there are things you can from now.... Attend this FREE public program to know the essence of making choices & compromises. Self-Mastery... Read More

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

"Swachh Bharath Abhiyan" a great initiative by visionary leader of the great country. Swachh Bharath Abhiyan Let's join hands and transform India. Contribution From Consumax, powered by SAROJ group DETAILS : Date 11th Jan 2015 (sunday) Reporting time : 3.30pm Working time : 4pm to 6pm Meeting venue : Ramakrishna ashram (park inside ashram) Working venue : Gandhi Bazaar main Road Participants will get T-SHIRTS and GLOVES (sponsored) Food / snacks is arranged and coupons will be giv... Read More

Financial Analysis Form

Don't trade your entire life only to earn money. Make money an efficient employee working for you and give him proper directions and guidance So that you can live life and add more to it. Download the form and fill it to get started - Financial analysis form... Read More


Do it yourself. Know your real strengths and areas to work for the coming year 2015 with the wonderful tool. Instructions: Download the file - fill all the details - keep a copy saved on your desktop - review your journey every week and ensure you grow further. click on the link below to download the file Know yourself and goals  ... Read More

Glare zone - 358 - Goal Setting and Failure

Glarezone - 358 Topic: Why don't we achieve everything we write or work for? Everyone of us live with goals, every minute is objective oriented. Many people write their goals and keep achieving what they want. But, many keep writing goals but keep failing to achieve. This will add more stress/guilt... Why? How to overcome? Lets discover in coming glarezone. Date: 15th November 14 (Saturday) Session time: 6.30am to 9am Venue: Consumax office auditorium ... Read More

NOW or NEVER! – A Life changing session

Event Details: Exclusive session on how to take action for your life and live the way you want it to be. Inspire and experience GIFT of life - a life changing session by Life Coach Sathyanarayana VR at Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Bangalore on 11th October 2014 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm Reserve Now... Read More

GET ANGRY…Pleasee…!

Event Details: Intensive session on everything related to Anger.. Venue: Shubharam Marriage Hall Address: West of chord road, Magadi main road, toll gate junction, Bangalore Date: 01st APRIL 2014 Duration: 2 Hours Timing: 5.30pm to 8.00pm... Read More