Founder Sathyanarayana V R is a visionary leader who became successful through hard work from early age and mastering sales skills. And consistent implementation of good practices in direct marketing business helped him to build a strong system of selling and evolution of Consumer World. Today this organization has branches all over south India and has created many business owners.

With this strong success, he realized all business owners go through a lot of challenges in personal and professional life. And decided to help everyone to become successful in business by teaching them selling skills. Because as he says “Every business is different. But, all of them are run by human beings. All humans are emotional beings”

In May 2007, he laid the found stone to his thoughts and formed Consumax Life Empowering by launching a Sales success coaching as a course.

Just in a year, many business owners could become more successful in sales & generated good revenue for their organizations.

This journey unfolded many other areas of life which were being overlooked and Sathya realized, becoming successful in business is only ONE ROLE SUCCESS. So, CORE transformation is essential and not ROLE transformation.

He discovered all 5 aspects of life are equally important and holistic growth is possible only by transforming in Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intellectual & Spiritual personalities.

16th June 2008, SELF-MASTERY course was launched to discover self-potential in all 5 aspects of human being and Sathya evolved as a LIFE COACH.

SELF-MASTERY created unimaginable self-awareness in all the individuals who walked through the course and there was a need for more help. Consumax had become an inevitable part of many lives for consistent growth and source of inspiration for happy life.

Consumax launched BUSINESS MASTERY in August 2009 with the vision to empower entrepreneurs by helping them to discover, analyse and enhance their abilities of growing the business into multi folds and creating more wealth and opportunities.

With the success of many commercial courses related to self-realization and business, Consumax has always been re-discovering new aspects to serve the humanity.

As teachings evolved, Consumax launched an amazing spiritual program in November 2009 with the name – DIVINE TOUCH.

So, Consumax spread its wings to all the areas of human life and became one source of inspiration for HOLISTIC GROWTH.

Thousands of entrepreneurs emerged as successful leaders in all the roles of human life because of the consistently growing in Business, Family, Society and Personal abilities. This made many of them to think about giving back to the society and a new thought begun to emerge for helping humanity by helping individuals through value based teachings and making every one to have self-awareness in life.

A collective thought of helping society started to work from roots. As a result a course named ICCHA SHAKTHI was designed to make growing children have strong moral values and integrity in all their thoughts and actions. 2010 was the year Consumax started spreading the awareness about life to all young children studying in high schools across Bangalore. Just in a couple of years this program reached more than 15000 children and made a big difference in their lives.March 2013 was another mile stone in the history of Consumax as many enthusiastic businessmen who understood the importance of right values and Integrity for success came together and formed CONSUMAX FOUNDATION.

Through Foundation, Consumax has been serving society through various free programs with the intension to empower every human being and make every human life a successful one.

Programs of Foundation

1.Iccha Shakthi

2.Emerging youth training program

3.Public program

4.Sports & Cultural program

By 2025, Foundation has a big vision of forming a study & research centre for Self-Realization, Success and Moral values for happy life.

Consumax took another big leap in 2013. This was year of more celebrations as 5 more LIFE COACHES were evolved in it’s lap. All of them have been with Consumax from it’s inception which made them more transformed human beings and ready to hold up the light ignited by Consumax.