Health Management

All of us go on tour or travel by own vehicles to long distances. If we choose to go by own drive/vehicle, we take a lot of care of the vehicle such as checking engine condition, oil levels, tyre pressure & we even get the vehicle serviced. We do all this to ensure happy & risk free journey.

Most of the successful people know the importance of a healthy body and they own it.

This course makes you to develop precious wealth called health with complete awareness from any given point of life and preserve it forever.

Course content:

a. What does healthy body mean?

b. How to gain strength, stamina & flexibility

c. What to eat & what not to

d. Water intake & it’s importance

e. Importance of exercise

f. Right sleep & Effects

g. Emotions & healthy body. Are they connected?

h. How to have disease free body

i. Develop physical consciousness

j. Right life style

k. How to retain health

Duration: 8hrs (4hrs x 2days)

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