Goal Setting

Imagine you have a Ferrari car, License to drive & supply of unlimited fuel. But, you don’t know where to go

Similarly, most of us wake up or start our day with immense potential (like a Ferrari car) but do not know what to achieve in that day & How to achieve.

This course helps an individual to identify the passion, purpose, true strength & abilities. It is scientifically designed to identify and set right goals and achieve them with right efforts.

It’s important to set the goals as greatest saying goes “all things in this world are created twice. Once in human mind & once in real world”

Course content:

a. What is goal & importance of goal setting

b. Science behind goal setting.

c. Difference between goal and wish/desire

d. Types of goals (short/mid/long term)

e. Why anybody fail to achieve goal

f. Required tools to achieve any goal

g. How to measure progress

h. Areas of goal setting

Duration: 8 hours (4hrs session x 2 days)

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