Glare Zone

Human mind is fickle and very vulnerable to distractions and excuses. anyone can play with one's mind and make a person weak from inside.

For example: You make a decision of starting a new task and you ask for suggestions from your friends, there is always one person who points out only negative possibilities.

However, you anyway execute the task as decided. Later, throughout the process you will keep thinking about the negative possibility that your friend has told you about.

In situations like these, we allow others to play with our mind, which results in inaction or slow growth.

Similar to this situation, we go through many of the challenges in following our own principles, values and commitments.

Glare Zone is a forum for hundreds of likeminded people to get cleansing process for mind and constant reminder for self to learn and implement new and positive ways of dealing with everyday challenges for the entire week.

Every week an intense session conducted by the founder Sathyanarayana V R. Real life experiment, experience and wisdom acts as source for refilling energy.

Be with the right & likeminded people striving for growth and all your actions directed towards holistic growth.

Accelerate Your Success and Popularity

Objectives of this course:

  • Making right decisions
  • Right guidance for growth
  • Understanding laws of life
  • Exploring true potential