Business Tycoon Club

Consumax has a unique way of addressing concerns or most overlooked areas of the business which have big impact sooner or later.

Business tycoon club is designed to meet any type of challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Sessions are conducted at one of the students’ premise / Factory / conference hall / Meeting room / Board room.

It will be a customised session for selected business but designed with care to address all common issues in other businesses.

The purpose of conducting these sessions at one of the businesses is to understand ground reality and find effective solutions for all the required departments, concerns, challenges.

This has been a revolutionary step to help individuals in business to help them grow more in all the aspects of their business and life.

It is one of its kind course and has been running for the last 6 months and transforming 12 entrepreneurs from being an individual business to building organization.

Accelerate Your Success and Popularity

Session will focus on the following topics :-
1.Business Automation. 6.Deligation, Key growth areas / KPI – Key performance indicators.
2.People Mgmt. 7.Values of the Organization.
3.Profits 8.Employee Mgmt.
4.Customer Handling. 9.Time Mgmt.
5.Customer Handling.

Intangible benefits of Business Tycoon Club

Participants get an opportunity to visit other businesses and understand operation module. Learn more through interactive sessions with like minded individuals. Get inspired and implement new ideas which can fit into their business.