Consuming and Contributing relationship.

Consuming and Contributing relationship Hi, Every glarezone has been adding value to many lives and enhancing wisdom for all of us. Today I love to share something very new about relationship. We all play number of roles in life and every minute we may have a new role added to life. Let's take out couple of minutes and recall all our relationships around us. Starting from first circle relationships with intense emotions to a far relationship like some of your forgotten child hood friend, an employee or colleague who worked with you long time ago. You will have a... Read More

Glarezone 377 - Fine Tuning Life

Fine Tuning Life Hi, How are you doing? hope it's been a good week for you in all the ways.. Let me share something interesting that i learned this week and discovered some new dimensions of comprehending things and situations. Fine-Tuning I am running for TCS 10K marathon happening in Bangalore in May. I have been running marathon for the last 2 years and its an amazing experience. I have completed 22K marathon running and I was feeling that i have become a good runner. After 22K marathon,... Read More

A new beginning & new ending

Glarezone – 376 Topic: A New Beginning & New Ending A new beginning & new ending Hi, There were some questions asked by people about pranik healing and reikhi healing. He asked “which healing works? People have confusion about which one to follow” Well, I say, every healing works Irrespective of the method or process followed. It is just like exercise, ultimate expectation is to get good health. Because human life is always what one makes of it. As Sanskrit slogan says “Yad bh... Read More

Valuable Birthday

Topic: Valuable Birthday Let's start today with couple of important messages. Last week as we discussed about cleansing and nullifying negative energy from places that we are living and one more essential place that we need to cleanse that is PILLOW. We spend about 6-8hours a day on pillow and that is where maximum amount of negativity is accumulated because we release maximum thoughts and negativity while sleeping. Change pillows at least once in 6 months and feel the change. We realize the value of anything only after losing it. how true, I got another example fo... Read More

Lord Krishna & Human life

Glarezone - 371 Topic: Lord Krishna & Human life We are born as human beings and we need to ask questions, find answers and live life journey as a boon. In order to do that, we must understand the truths of life. One of the essential questions like that "Who is a complete man"? We may have many answers such as A leader, Inspiring human, A man fulfils all his responsibilities and so on.. Lord Krishna In hindu religion, it's believed that lord Shri Krishna is a complete man (Purushotham). and it is proven through stories of his life and all stories abo... Read More


Topic: LOVE & LIVE Let's start with the story today. Love & Live A Businessman goes into deep financial losses and he becomes depressed and thinks about committing suicide sitting on a park bench. He keeps thinking different ways of killing himself. Meanwhile an old man come to him and asks "why are you sitting like this?" but Businessman does not reply to his question, this old man is so persistent that he says "tell me what is the your problem and i can solve it, I am WARREN BUFFET". Bu... Read More


Glarezone  - 370 Topic: HUMAN LIFE & PURIFICATION Human Mind always works on what is given to it through 5 senses. So, it's always what you think and what you give to your mind matters a lot in every action you take followed by results. Human life & Purification The purest element in the world is SOUL . During the journey of living, Mind keeps getting contaminated through the 5 senses and creates a mask around the soul which decreases the energy of the soul. It will get energized by o... Read More

Stories - An art of Communication

Stories - an art of communication Stories - an art of communication Glarezone  - 370 Do you have problem with conveying your ideas with others? Do you feel no one understand what are you talking about? Do you blame anyone of not doing things as expected? then, you really have to do something about it. isn't it? Kids, Adults, Elders - irrespective of age, gender or religion, all get attracted to stories in fraction of seconds. If you have read about legendary people in books, you would have no... Read More

Power of saying NO

Glarezone - 367 Topic: Power of saying NO   Power of saying NO Today, we have an interesting topic that can help us discover the new way of attaining peace of mind and happiness with growth. We all Indians are more emotional beings compared to citizens of any other country. do you agree? If YES, then you understand what is being emotional. Here some examples for you to make life simple: If someone asks for a favour, we find it very difficult to escape from promise and explain why we... Read More

Meditation & Visualization

Glarezone - 366 Topic: Meditation & Visualization Meditation & Visualization A boy named John went in search of a job and he landed in a timber factory. He agreed to join as a wood-cutter in that timber company and started working from the very next day. John was a diligent and efficient guy, very soon he was recognized by his boss as a honest worker and this boosted his confidence. In the beginning, he started to cut 5 trees in a day and at a stretch. A week later, he was able to cut ... Read More

Make a mistake but DON’T repeat

Make a mistake but DON'T repeat Make a mistake but don't repeat It was an amazing experience at the top of mountain early in the morning. Enjoyed the bliss of the nature and great learning with like minded people. What do we say when someone makes a mistake and says "Sorry" We all tend to say "It's Okay" or "No Problem" Isn't it? YES.. But, What is the problem with it? lets understand this simple psychology of human beings. When we make a blunder and we recognize it for the first time, we say... Read More


OUT OF THE BOX THINKING Out of the box Thinking We all are conditioned during our childhood to go forward or run only when we hear the word GO. Even today if you are asked to participate in a race, you will run only after you hear the word GO on the track. let's check if it is the same case in the real world? Do you think any company will wait for their competitor to launch the products before they do? NO, everyone is in the race but everyone thinks about how can we launch our new product before ... Read More

Parenting & Challenges

We all have many things in common as human beings and parenting is another phase of life. What if there was no parenting at all in this world? so, what is the best way of parenting? Parenting & Challenges Before we think about further, lets ask this fundamental question. Do we want children? If yes, Why? We all answer YES for this question and reason may vary from person to person or parent to parent. Some of them are - to complete life, to enjoy childhood by watching children, to be childre... Read More

Purpose of life & Growth

Purpose of life & Growth Why do you do anything you are doing now? Purpose of life & Growth You may have too many reasons to continue with what you are doing now but, DO YOU HAVE ONE OBJECTIVE to accomplish? Why do we need an objective? Any action or journey will have fluctuations, difficulties and many challenges to confront before we reach any of our goals and in this process, there will be many situations that make us diverted from the purpose and lose interest to continue the same ... Read More

Marriage & relationship

Glarezone - 360 Topic: Marriage & relationship Marriage & Relationship A question for you, why do we need values? Values are the measuring scales for standards. Entire humanity is based on emotions and all humans are emotional beings. Values for life will define the way we all lead our lives. for example, when you started a business, you started alone and then added some people as employees and started to market your product or service and might have given lot of credit or tried to plea... Read More

Money Mantra

Glarezone - 359 Topic: Money mantra A question for all - In every business, there is an employee who works without asking for salary, increment, loan or leave but ready to work for 24 hours to make you rich. Who is it? Imagine that you get employees like that for your business, how would it be? Most of the Businessmen say - It is ME. is it true?   Money mantra If you have answered as "yourself", it is wrong because we all have limitations. After a certain extent, you will take a break.... Read More

How to get the job done from others?

Glarezone - 357 Topic: How to get the job done from others? How do you test the patience of a man? There would be many answers. But, leave him with a child and ask him to get the child ready on Monday morning and send him to school. It so happened on a Monday morning when my wife asked me to get my 3years old son ready and drop him to school within 8.30am. I started waking him up at 7am and with all the efforts managed to wake him up at 7.45. After this, he started whining about brushing teeth and taking bath. I tried to convince him but in vain, it was alre... Read More


Is there a Relationship in the world without expectation? A couple were married for a long time. Husband was a good man but he went through lot of tough times in life. He lost lot of money in business, he went through legal trials for a mistake that he did not commit & he met with an accident and bed ridden for a long time. He went into coma after the accident and when he opened his eyes, he saw his wife standing by his side. He called her closer and started to speak "You were with me all the times, you were next to me when I went into losses, you stood next during t... Read More

Turning Point

Turning point All of us will have a turning point in any journey and let's talk about a turning point in life's journey. What is the maximum a teenager can achieve at the age of 14 or 16. He/she can be a good student, a very good athlete, champion in sports, a gold medal winner. However, a girl became world famous and noble peace prizewinner at the age of 14. Incredible! let's see what really made her to a Noble prize winner. What was the turning point made an ordinary girl to a world famous persona... Read More

Feedback or Feed forward

George was a young and very passionate guy about painting; it was the day of his results.He was eagerly waiting to know the results and George was passed in his painting exam with 1st rank. He was pertinent and there was no limit to his happiness. He wanted to test his ability in painting and he thought about doing something about it. He painted his first art, he went and kept it in the park and there was a small note written and kept with painting.It was written like this: “this is my first painting after I passed out my painting class, so if there is any mistake p... Read More

Divine Grace

The moment I thought of writing an article,the first thought I got in my mind is – any work or any thought or whatever I receive in my life is only because of the Divine Grace. What if that Divine Grace was not there? Then, might be no thoughts would have flown through me and I wouldn’t have been able to do anything and would have been helpless. Most of us will agree for what I am going to say now. If each one of us introspect our self – we would have achieved enormous success, achievements, happiness, peace, aligned with the life, grown in maturity, enha... Read More

Sports Car and Anger

A story that describes close relationship between desire and anger. John was only son of his richest father, every time while passing through a car showroom which had displayed red sports car and all time john used visualize him driving that car to the collage to receive his convocation certificate and same thing he has expressed to his father as well but there was no response from his father. Most awaiting day had come. john was coming down towards dining table where his father was also having breakfast, he came and sat next to his father and asked his father for the... Read More

Activate both the parts of brain - Winning Strategy

Activate both the parts of brain. Topic: Activate both parts of brain  Blessings will shower when more people meditate together and it creates an energy circle. We all want to be faster, stronger and effective in the outside world. To be like this, we need be rock hard and strong inside. for ex: A bullet train can travel at 400km/hr because of the track. Track is built with continuous welded rail. Train is electrically driven via overhead cables. This proper base makes the train at that speed. So, if you want to be fast and efficient, your mind, which is the base... Read More

Chanting and Energy Chakras,

Often, we have to ask ourselves about why should we chant OMKARA , AMEN or PRAYER? All religions say, chant early in the morning. Why? Researchers have discovered that Sanskrit &Hibru are the two languages which considered to be the base of human languages. And, in all the languages prayer starts with the sound which activates chakras in the human body. Take an example of OM or AMEN. By chanting early in the morning we activate these chakras make our mind & body energetic. Let’s discover an essential truth about relationship now. A king by name ... Read More


AN AUTOMATED SYSTEM CALLED MIND! Mind is automated system What you think most of the time, you become so! What you sow is what you reap. What an amazing, automated technology that all human beings are blessed with. A system which never stops working, a master control drives a whole human body and world. That is MIND! Let’s discover how does this system work and how can we make the most of its potential. Do we go to garage if we have fever? Do we go to veterinary doctor to get a mo... Read More


Faith: Glare zone No: 305 Faith Story: 5 friends were travelling through a thick forest and they lost their way. It was getting dark and cloudy, they noticed the weather is getting bad. Thunder storm followed by heavy rain started immediately, they all took shelter under an old canopy and waiting for the rain to stop. But it started pouring heavily and thunder bolts were almost hitting canopy, all 5 of them started feeling scared as it was a very weak and old canopy. One of them sat for meditation and rest 4 started discussing about their fate. One of them said, one ... Read More

Student and Teacher’s glory

Glare Zone: 349 Topic: Student and Teacher's glory Date: 06-09-2014 Student and Teacher Have you observed any child? It does not have a conscious about day, time or worries. Children are always energetic and excited about everything they see. For ex: if you give a chocolate to a child and say do not eat it today. However, you can eat tomorrow. Child will only keep if for a couple of minutes or not even that. It will immediately open the wrapper and eats it. Similarly, child does not hold any ... Read More

Recognition is an end to old success & beginning for a new achievement

It was a colourful celebration; people were at their best of the dress, everywhere laughter. People are exchanging wishes, hugs. It was festival for my eyes to watch that, few of them were getting ready to perform on dais. Few of them were indulged in talking about how they practiced, and few were making fun and creating a lighter atmosphere. Happiness was all around. People were waiting on their toes to see the program begin. There was a crowd who were celebrating, the crowd was not an ordinary crowd, most of the gathering was entrepreneurs, Managing directors, CEO’s ... Read More